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About the Producer - Bandna Preet Kaur

Bandna Preet Kaur, an accomplished producer with a strong academic background in Commerce, specializing in Business Management and Accounting from Himachal University, has carved a notable niche for herself in the world of film and video production. Her journey in this dynamic industry began as a Line Producer with Vita Pictures UK in 2004, where she contributed to their Indo-UK Production, marking the start of an illustrious career in film production.


Over the years, Bandna has honed her skills and expanded her expertise, working in various capacities including Executive Producer and Associate Producer. Her portfolio is rich with a variety of projects, ranging from documentaries to short films, each showcasing her ability to handle diverse aspects of film production with finesse.

In 2011, Bandna took a significant step in her career by co-founding KIK BUTT ENTERTAINMENT alongside her Producer/Director husband, Taranjiet Singh Namdhari. This venture has been a fruitful one, allowing her to produce several short films, web series, and documentaries. Under her production, acclaimed short films like ‘The Crash,’ which won the Best Actor Award Male at 48HFP Mumbai, and ‘A Memorable Journey,’ which was the second runner-up for Best Film at the Mahindra XUV 5OO Memorable Stories Festival, have come to life.

Her debut as a feature film producer was marked by ‘The Great Indian Escape – Khulay Asmaan Ki Oar,’ a project that stands testament to her evolving prowess in the industry. Additionally, she has produced the internationally acclaimed documentary series 'Sangeet Saroop Satgur - A Musical Journey.' Her ability to capture diverse narratives is further exemplified by her production of the award-winning music video 'The Mumbai Dhanak.'

Bandna Preet Kaur's journey in the film industry, characterized by continuous growth and a keen eye for compelling storytelling, establishes her as a producer of repute and versatility. Her work not only reflects her deep understanding of the technical and creative aspects of film production but also her commitment to bringing diverse and powerful stories to the screen.

About the Producer
About the Director

About the Director - Taranjiet Singh Namdhari


Taranjiet Singh Namdhari, a distinguished figure in film and video production, boasts an illustrious 25-year career enriched by a profound expertise in post-production and notable collaborations with leading production houses such as Endemol Shine India, Yash Raj Films, Trimurti Films, and Dharma Productions. His extensive body of work spans a wide range of projects, including feature films, television shows, documentaries, and advertisements, highlighting his capacity to bring compelling stories to life on both big and small screens as an independent producer and film director.

The founder of Kik Butt Entertainment, his independent production house, Taranjiet excels in creating pioneering film and video content, offering full-scale services in writing, direction, production, and post-production. His directorial debut was marked by the British Asian film "It Could Be You," celebrated as an official selection at the Osian's International Film Festival in Delhi. His subsequent directorial project, "The Great Indian Escape," received critical acclaim upon its 2019 release and is listed as recommended viewing at the National Defence Academy in Pune.

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In addition to his visual storytelling, Taranjiet has ventured into the literary world, marking his debut as an author with the novel "The Torn Note," published in 2023. The novel showcases his storytelling prowess and his ability to weave narratives that resonate with a diverse audience.

As a hands-on film editor and colour grading artist, Taranjiet is adept at collaborating with multifaceted teams to produce and deliver engaging content efficiently. He plays a strategic role in developing and executing key initiatives, working alongside senior stakeholders across various departments. He is responsible for the creative, filming, post-production, distribution, licensing, and delivery aspects of projects.

An avid consumer of film and OTT content, he is deeply passionate about script reading, creative writing for film and series, and the development of unique story ideas. His dedication is evident in every endeavor, whether in independent projects or studio collaborations. Taranjiet's commitment to writing, filming, editing, and lifelong learning exemplifies his dedication to both the art and business of film and video production, as well as to the craft of writing.

About the Producer
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